Truth About Concessions

Truth About Concessions

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Stockton politicians and local media pundits like to bash firefighters for the City’s current budget problems.  However, the reality is that Stockton Firefighters have made concessions time and time again in order to help bridge the City’s budget gap.

These are tough times.  Firefighters understand that.  Between 2007-2009 Stockton Firefighters gave over $12 million in concessions to help balance the City’s budget and protect services.  Firefighters are the only city employees to not receive raises since 2007.

What have they asked for in return? Simply to ensure that those concessions were used to keep fire stations and fire companies open as well as keep firefighters on the job.  As you can see by the graph above, when you combine the concessions offered by Firefighters this year, Firefighters have offered concessions totaling over $18million over the last three years. This is more than all of the other employee groups combined.

So when you hear a city politician stating that the firefighters need to offer concessions, ask them to give you the real history of firefighter concessions and ask them to explain why even after firefighters put forward more than enough money to keep Fire Truck Company 4 open, they chose to reject the offer and close the company–putting safety at risk.

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